Baby #2: Double the trouble, double the fun?

SheShe Life

They say you have you first baby for you, and the second one to teach your first one how to share—toys, the backseat and of course, love.

IMG_1718Being that my wife and I both have brothers we adore, we knew we wanted to give our daughter that same indescribable bond.  But now that I’m officially expecting #2, I have to admit my emotions are mostly consumed by an overwhelming “Why are we doing this again?” reprise that I say out loud more than I should.

With my first born I was over the moon with excitement. With baby #2 I am nervous and haunted by guilt for having another just 23 months after my first.

Guilt that I will be taking maternity leave from my kind-of-a-big-deal job and burdening my co-workers yet again. Guilt that Aria will now be left in the dust as I pour all my energy into…

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